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Bringing medical attention to your employees at your place of business - saving down time and promoting wellness.
Integrated Technology

PHN UnitPhonoscope design engineers have integrated multiple computer, medical, and telecommunications technologies into a single system that allows unprecedented functionality for practicing medicine or receiving medical care at a distance.


Phonoscope Unit from Doctor's ViewThe core of the system is high quality, two-way, interactive videoconferencing. This is accomplished using advanced Polycom codec equipment which transmits video over the Phonoscope fiber optic network. Customers at the Clinic are able to talk directly with the nurse or physician who appears on a large screen monitor and who is able to control Clinic cameras and computers remotely. These sophisticated conferencing cameras can be moved about and zoomed as necessary for the doctor to thoroughly examine someone. Video is diagnostic quality.

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Phonoscope Health Network

Phonoscope Health Network enables companies to provide on location an Employee Health Clinic, designed to allow enrolled employees quick and easy access to medical professionals without leaving the work place.

Our on-site Employee Health Clinics utilize state-of-the-art videoconferencing and remote medical diagnostic devices to allow a nurse or physician to assess the medical situation and recommend treatment from a distance.

Empowering Companies
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With a Phonoscope unit on your site, you will be able to treat and monitor approximately 80% of traditional doctors visits. This saves approximately 1.6 days of “off work” time per employee. In a company of 100 employees, that is a savings of over 160 days or an annual average of $35,068 .



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Employers who invest...

in worksite health promotion programs can see a return of $3-$6 for every dollar invested over a 2-5 year period. Documented savings are observed in medical costs, absenteeism, worker's comp claims, short-term disability and presenteeism (lower on-the-job efficiency due to employee health problems.)
Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine, December 2005

U.S. healthcare costs...

doubled from 1990 to 2001 and are projected to double by 2012
Source: Partnerships for Prevention
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